Uncover the State of Account-Based Marketing in APAC

Get your copy today and discover how APAC's top B2B growth teams approach Account-Based Marketing in 2023 and beyond.

This is your guide to understanding how the region's marketing leaders navigate Account-Based Marketing in a constantly challenging and shifting landscape.

This year over 100 CMOs, VPs, and Heads of Marketing participated in our survey alongside our expert panel to discuss ABM insights, strategies, and predictions for the future.

The consistent takeaway? APAC remains bullish on ABM.

Featuring insights from APAC ABM experts you can action today.

With insights from over 100 B2B experts at some of the globe's top firms


The Resilience of ABM During the Economic Slump

Examine how ABM has weathered the economic downturn. How are budgets adjusting, and what ROI are businesses achieving? Get insights into ABM's performance and investment outlook in APAC.

The Primary Goals Behind Implementing ABM

Grasp the core reasons for embracing ABM in APAC. Two major factors emerge: a shift in measuring marketing ROI and a transformation in the sales relationship.

The Tech Challenges and Solutions for ABM for APAC

North American and European tech platforms often lack comprehensive data sets for APAC, posing challenges for ABM practitioners. In response, we've identified the top tech products and solutions for ABM in the region.

The Preferred ABM
Styles in APAC

The diversity of the APAC market directly affects ABM strategies and styles. Determine which methods most resonate with regional marketers.

How to Address ABM's Regional Challenges

Both veteran and new ABM practitioners face shared challenges in APAC. Discover these hurdles and receive guidance on navigating them in such a fragmented and diverse region.

How is Generative AI impacting ABM

Generative AI is reshaping business, and marketing is at the forefront. Uncover its influence on ABM, how leading marketers are adapting, and their concerns regarding the technology.


Including key insights from top ABM experts

Belinda Pervan

Christine Law

Shahin Hoda

Stephanie Dechamps

Vice President, APJ Marketing

Director, Head of Account-Based &
Executive Marketing, APJ

Managing Director

Head of APJ Marketing


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Diving Deeper: The 2023 State of
Account-Based Marketing in APAC Report continues on where the first edition left off.

Our comprehensive study now brings insights from over 100 seasoned APAC marketing practitioners to uncover ABM usage, motivations, benefits and pain points, offering a richer and broader understanding of ABM in the region.

Together with a panel of ABM experts, we’ve provided actionable insight, optimisation techniques and solutions to the key issues identified in the survey.

The study was conducted by research & editorial agency, Media Collateral alongside xGrowth.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a go-to-market strategy that aligns marketing, sales, and customer success to land and expand high-value accounts with personalised campaigns.


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